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Did you both work in beauty before launching BYBI?

 No we didn’t! Clean beauty was very much our shared passion. We were both working in digital advertising, which is actually how we met. But our experience working for companies such as Facebook, Apple and BBC has been hugely useful in helping us to build BYBI as a brand.


How was BYBI born?

 BYBI stands for By Beauty Insiders and was launched in 2017. It was born from Clean Beauty Insiders, a natural beauty blog and podcast by us, Elsie & Dominika. We’re natural beauty bloggers, formulators and entrepreneurs who started Clean Beauty as a document of our journey into natural beauty.

Building up our clean beauty blog before starting the BYBI brand gave us time to immerse ourselves in the market and really understand where the gaps were. For us, after trying many other natural skincare brands and also making our own products, there was a clear gap for a beauty brand that upheld great ethics around sustainability and ingredients, but that was marketed in a way that spoke to a mainstream beauty consumer.


What does your day to day look like?

Like a typical startup, there is rarely an average day for us. We have a central London office where our 8 team members are based, but the two of us will be out and about a lot throughout the week and that’s what we really love about the job! No day is the same. We spend a lot of time meeting our various suppliers, from our manufacturing partners to ingredient suppliers and our branding agency as well as speaking at events or holding training for our retailers.


What do you love most about having your own skincare brand?

We own the entire formulation process, it’s something we’ve chosen to keep in-house as a brand. That means that the product creation really comes from us - listening to our community, gathering feedback and watching trends but also from what we know our own skincare routines are missing. We’re currently working on a natural, high-performance day cream with SPF because there’s a space on both of our bathroom shelves for a product like this, so we’re creating it ourselves!


What are your favourite products from the range?

 Our Bakuchiol Booster is quickly becoming our hero product (launching into SEPHORA Australia May 2019). We’ve combined 1% Bakuchiol (the highest concentration you can have in skincare) with 99% skin-softening Squalane.

 We love it because Bakuchiol is the only natural and vegan alternative to Retinol, aka Vitamin A. It boosts collagen and improves skin texture - but without all the negative side effects associated with Retinol usage (this includes redness, flakey skin and increased photosensitivity). With the recent rise in popularity of Retinol, Bakuchiol fills a gap for people who want the benefits of Vitamin A, but struggle to use it regularly (or at all!). The Bakuchiol Booster is $29 and can be added to any existing skincare routine for smoother, plumper, more radiant skin.


Babe Balm is the ultimate handbag/deskside essential. It truly is a multipurpose product and can be used to: soothe dry patches, nourish cuticles, treat dry lips, tame brows, under makeup as a glowy base or even as a natural highlighter. Plus, the name is cute and makes for the perfect gift!


Mega Mist. Made with hyaluronic acid, it intensely hydrates the skin and acts as the best toner pre serum and moisturiser. With Mega Mist the difference is visible instantly - use under or over makeup to refresh your complexion towards the end of the day.


Swipe Clean. It's a very gentle, yet effective cleansing oil, which leaves absolutely no oily residue on the skin. It contains no essential oils, so it's suitable for use around the eye area and you can really get to work on mascara and eye makeup. Moringa and Black Cumin oils both thoroughly cleanse; they’re great antibacterial ingredients so wipe away even stubborn grime and dregs of makeup. Hibiscus and Papaya, both high in AHAs, dissolve excess sebum and break down dead skin cells, for squeaky clean, clear and balanced skin.


All together you’ve got a complete skincare regime!


What is your beauty advice?

We truly believe to constantly adjust your skincare routine to how your skin is feeling at the time. Although you may have “oily” skin, that doesn’t mean you can’t use Babe Balm or our oil cleanser, Swipe Clean. Take the BYBI Skin Feels Flow Chart to find out how your skin feels and what products you need to support it.


What’s next for BYBI?

 Firstly, some more exciting NPD; watch this space for the launch of another beauty staple within the next couple of months. Following on from our launch into Sephora Australia and South East Asia, we also plan to expand into the US later this year.

 However our mission that underpins everything we do; is to be the most sustainable beauty company on the planet. The future of BYBI includes putting sustainability first when it comes to ingredients, manufacturing and packaging. Whilst being completely transparent about our progress and achievements to date.


Interview by Stevie Ford and Images via. @cleanbeautyinsiders