So here it is. My pride and joy.

Its definitely not something I saw coming but I’m so glad its here. As many of you may know Top Shelf Beaute started as an Instagram account sharing images of fellow beauty lovers vanity’s, cupboards, dressers, bathrooms, anything to show off their beauty line up. The account quickly grew and as many women reached out to me and we got talking I realised I had created a community and it was something I really cherished.

Truth be told, this journey started after being fired from my job. It was a time where I felt really lost. Some days getting out of bed felt like hardest thing to do and coffee was like a reward for making it out. I knew I had an opportunity to change my future and start something I was really passionate about. I think we are in a time where women are really supporting women; we just want to get together and share our passions. 


So this brings me to www.topshelfbeaute.com. It is a place where you can read about real women’s beauty routines. In a section called BEAUTE FILES you will find women who are hand picked from Instagram who have a beauty story to tell. I believe we can learn a lot from these women as they are just doing life and beauty their own way. 

After being an avid Podcast listener and always reading about women who are kicking goals in the industry I knew there had to be a place for them on Top Shelf Beaute. BEAUTE BOSS is for them. These are women who are super inspiring and making their mark in the industry. Not only can you learn about their career paths but you’ll also get the inside scoop into their beauty line up.

I took an Instagram poll for this one and you all wanted to know more about my beauty routine. So yes you’ll get to know more about my routine and myself because you know what, my skin isn’t perfect at all. You can read more about me in the EDITORS FILE.

Plus you know there will be articles on skincare, makeup and hair because this wouldn’t be a beauty website without them.

I want to create a community where there are no rules. We just love beauty and want to share that with one another.  So i hope you'll stick around for the journey. There are lots of plans for this website and i can't wait to share them with you all.

I hope you love Top Shelf Beaute as much as i love working on it for you all.


P.S you can also find me on Instagram @stevieford_





Images by Wink Creative