Lets start with this post isn't sponsored. I have lusted over the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer ever since it dropped in the market a couple of years ago. I can justify pretty much every purchase but $500 for a hair dryer... really? 

I finally decided it was time to make the investment- Well this week i am moving out of my parents place which means no more sharing a hair dryer with mum. So it meant i had found my justification for the purchase (congratulations you are moving out of home, heres a brand new hair dryer!). Plus i am glad i waited so i could get my hands on the black!

I have really thick hair so i really do rely on a hair dryer to dry my hair. After the first use of  my new Dyson, i was so impressed. The time it takes to dry my hair was definitely shortened. I also didn't feel like i was burning my hair. 

There are speed setting so you can choose if you like fast drying, regular drying or gentle drying, all of which dry at a different temperature. I also love that there is a cooling option to set your hair after styling it. 

Although $500 seems like a lot for a hair dryer, It is worth every penny! Faster drying and less heat damage to the hair, I think that says it all.