I know that you would all agree with me in saying that in the last 6 months Rationale has blown up my Instagram feed. I have seen it appearing everywhere. When i started Top Shelf Beaute my first 3 Beaute Bosses- Tobi Henney, Emily Algar and Almira Armstrong all raved about Rationale. After googling Rationale and looking into their products, what really got me was the price and i am not one to be afraid of spending money on beauty but their Essential Six sitting at $915 I sat back and wondered if i really needed it.

My curiosity got the better of me as i really wanted to find out why it had such a cult following. So i booked in a skin consultation and a facial. To honest i haven't ever had a skin consultation which being an Editor of a beauty website you’d think that i would of tried everything. But i have always just read so much about products and thought that i personally knew my skin best but what i was about to find out really surprised me.


I attended the Rationale at La Porte Space in Rosebery and this is where i met Ellie who would be looking after me. Ellie and i got talking straight away and I instantly felt like i just got a new best friend. For the skin consultation Ellie asked me about my skin type, I stated that i am acne prone and can be combination. Ellie asked about my skin concerns which are pigmentation and reducing the acne spots. I said to Ellie i just want glowing skin (don’t we all?). I don’t wear a lot of make up when i don’t need too so i want to be more confident everyday with skin. Ellie also asked about products i’m currently using and my routine. At this point there was no pressure on purchasing products. I have found so many times i’ve made appointments at clinics that i’m constantly bullied into purchases straight away but there none of that.

We were now up to scanning my face with VISIA. Taking images of the face this machine can determine your red areas, pores, UV areas and wrinkles. I sat there in amazement of what these images showed. Although these images were quite shocking, I was able to see inflammation of my current breakouts, where my skin was damaged from UV (mainly nose and cheeks-growing up on the beaches i knew this would be the case). I have always worried about my pores but Ellie assured me that i had a really good pore size and that we just needed to regulate the oil flow. Remember how i mentioned that my skin was combination, I was wrong. My skin is actually just dehydrated and you can see this mainly under my eyes. Ellie and i talked about ingredients and it was so insightful to learn what ingredients my skin actually needed surprisingly i was already using a couple of these ingredients but it needed a few more vitamins.


Ellie shared with me the Rationale story. Rationale was started by Richard Parker and it was purely because he couldn’t find the products he needed for his skin concerns that he created his own. Rationale is all made with botanical ingredients and my god do they smell amazing! When you start with Rationale you don’t need to rush in and buy all the products and i liked this. Ellie prescribed some products for me based on what the VISIA images showed and what i wanted for my skin. Giving up all my other products for the first month really scared me but i am one week in and i am already seeing results with my skin.

After we did the consultation, Ellie talked me through all the products and i was treated to a Enzyme Reactivation Treatment. I can honestly say i left like a new woman, I felt so good and my skin has never glowed so much. Its safe to say i can see why Rationale has a cult following now. The whole experience has taught me so much about my skin. I highly recommend making an appointment as it will not disappoint. Trust me your skin will thank you for it.

You can read all about my prescription here