If you’re obsessed with protecting your skin, it makes sense to have a fake tan for every occasion. After all, there’s absolutely no chance of a natural tan right?
Repeat after me: tanning is trauma

A few things to keep in mind – I am the palest of pale. Without fake tan, I often can’t find a foundation light enough for a good match. Also, the fake tan smell is about individual skin chemistry and I ALWAYS smell it, I don’t care what the manufacturer says. Some are stronger than others, yes, but this comes down to the amount of DHA (that’s the ingredient that gives the tan).



St Tropez Bronzing Water Mousse Purity

Smell: Tropical on application, with a hint of fake tan on processing

Colour: Light, fresh

Longevity: 5 days, with a natural fade due to light colour.

Further notes: No guide colour means you have to concentrate while applying but you can get DRESSED!! No tan covered clothes, no dye stuck in leg pores, a dream. This mousse is not sticky, not drying, and spreads and blends perfectly.


FAMILY EVENT 'you need a colour lift but you don’t need your uncle’s opinion on women who fake tan, thanks’


The Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Mousse in Light

Smell: Fresh, hint of fake tan on processing, nothing major

Colour: Light-Medium, glowy, brightening.

Longevity: 4 days, beautiful natural fade

This one has a slight guide colour but it’s VERY low key, in case you hate the tell-tale sheets. It contains colour correcting pigments to give the skin an even-toned glow, and comes in Medium or Dark in case you want more colour from this beautiful formula.




Luna Bronze Radiant Self Tanning Lotion

Smell: Lemon myrtle and mandarin, hint of fake tan as it develops

Colour: Light-Medium

Longevity: It will extend your tan 2 days per application

The Luna lotion is quite moisturising – I like to top up with a lotion to keep everything hydrated. For me, hydration is key for a lasting, glowing tan.


A DATE 'we want a tan, we don’t want to stain any sheets…’


Gold Coast Glow Self-Tanning Water in Medium.

Smell: Watery, with freshness from eucalyptus and peppermint. On processing, a hint of fake tan

Colour: Medium, glowy goddess

Longevity: 4-5 days, with an even fade

No guide colour means you can get dressed straight away, and the colour develops in 4-6 hours. This tan is one of my favourites – I LOVE a tanning water, I love the colour-correcting tech for reducing redness. I love the way the watery texture is repelled by moisturiser on the knees and elbows – they never go too dark this way. Finally, this fake tan came with the most comprehensive instruction leaflet I have ever seen, and I even learned a tip or two… I’ve been fake tanning for over 25 years, thanks to dancing as a tiny baby!




Luna Bronze Eclipse Mousse

Smell: Gorgeous Australian botanicals – lemon myrtle and mandarin, and you guessed it, fake tan on processing.

Colour: Deep, bikini-ready (but I mean, you’re bikini ready all day every day, beautiful). Use 2 coats if you want ultra dark.

Longevity: Looks amazing for 4 days, any longer than that and you want to top up with their Glow Gradual Tanning Moisturiser. The darker the tan, the farther the fall, am I right?

Luna Bronze was founded by angels Maddy and Rhiannon, after Maddy had a skin cancer scare. Their brand’s message is sun safe and sustainable, and we love them.




Tan-Luxe The Face Drops

Smell: Apricot. For this one, I don’t actually get much of a fake tan smell while it processes. Consider my words eaten.

Colour: I have Light-Medium, and the colour is completely customisable. Just add more drops for more colour. It also comes in Medium-Dark, if you’re more serious about your colour.

Longevity: You need to apply every second day – we wash our faces and exfoliate a lot more than the body.

The drops are quite moisturising, and no guide colour = no stained pillow.


Can you think of another occasion for a faux-glow? Let us know! Oh, and if you’re going for a week in Bali, get a spray tan and pack heaps of sunscreen and a top-up lotion.

Words by Hannah English & Cover Image via. Instagram @nycbambi