TSB: Tell me a little bit about yourself…

JOELLE: Helllllooooooo, hi, hi, hi! I’m Joelle. I’m recently 26 (Leo Season Forever) and live in New York. I grew up on Long Island and spent a lot of time in Manhattan when I was young. I always wanted to work in editorial. It started out with styling  at around 14 or 15. It was 2006-ish, Rachel Zoe was like, the first mainstream stylist I’d heard of–to be fair, I was pretty young, and was like...oh wow, I can get paid to do that? Sign me up? I watched all of those reality shows (The Hills, The City, Kell On Earth, The Rachel Zoe Project) wanting to be whoever the assistant was–they were hardworking and sometimes-always goth (shoutout to Andrew Mukamal from Kell on Earth and Taylor Jacobsen from TRZP!) and I related to that. I came home from school every day and read, browsed the What’s New sections of Kitson and Shop Intuition (are you all having extreme 2006 flashbacks?!) and scrolled Tumblr for hours. This is all pretty much pre-Facebook so you had to build your own online reality in many places instead of suffering in just one. I’m not going to say Don’t Do Your Homework Because You Too Can Be This but...I didn’t. Every teacher I ever had in the Roslyn Public School District can confirm this.

The summer I was turning 17, my parents were like, hey, we love you but time to get a job! I was very fortunate to have had nice summer camp experiences and one summer of traveling before that. My parents did not think I would do what I did but honestly, they know who they raised so I’m not sure they really could have expected anything different. I cold e-mailed Faran Krentcil, who had recently left Fashionista to head up Nylon’s website, and said Hi, Please Let Me Do Stuff! She did.

I pretended I wasn’t in high school, she knew I was, and I went over to Greene Street when I should have been in class to talk to Faran. I thought I’d work in the closet, touch all of the pretty clothes, carry bags up and down small walk-up staircases. She asked me if I read–Of course I did! Every day!–because she was going to have me write. I wrote, of course I wrote, but...English papers.

I spent four years back-and-forth under Faran’s eye and learned how to write album reviews, product launches, trend stories, and cut back on stringing together single sentences with many, many layers of pop culture references. Working on a website when not many publications had high-functioning web teams creating original content was one of the best things to happen to me in my “career”. It’s been 9 years.

When Faran left, so did I. I spent one summer interning on the editorial team at Harper’s Bazaar. At that point, I was working on a student-run publication at Syracuse, as well, trying to put my intern work to good use. After college, I didn’t have the easiest time getting editorial work. I did this and that, but it always felt pretty in between a true career path or the foundation to something sustainable.

I started at in January of 2017 doing Photo Research. I know a lot of websites put out a lot of content god, a hand to for turning out what I think is close to 50+ stories a day sometimes? Insane. The amazing photo research team is a huge, huge part of that. They make an edit, license, and resize every image you see across that website and usually within minutes. I learned a lot during my time there, mostly about when to when to make a Best Judgement call, and obviously use just about every skill I picked up there at my current role.

After about 3, what felt like very, very long, months at, my manager asked me if I wanted to try out a role at Allure and Teen Vogue print. Shortly after I moved over to focus strictly on research at Allure. The best part about licensing is giving art a new meaning. We’ve run everything from an Irving Penn outtake as a spread to open a story on celebrity wig stylists to a very liberal crop (with permission of course! Respect artists!) of one of my favorite images of all time by Elaine Constantine that originally ran in The Face. Research is a very niche job that you have to have a genuine curiosity and passion for. Researching is about making something already wonderful in context into something just as good in different context and having the eye to do so.

About 4 months ago, I started producing front of book photoshoots in addition to photo research. So, pretty much every image in Allure of a beauty product has my hands on it. I work with amazing art directors who concept and create mini-worlds for these products to live in on-page. Production is glorified organizing, which is my life calling, so through trial and error, interacting with a lot of different personalities, I’ve found a system that works for me and the people I work with. Beyond matching the right photographers with the right stories and the actual images, I think the most important part of my job is to make sure the people we hire are happy working with Allure, paying them on time, and giving them a space to create work they’re proud of.

TSB: What has working at allure taught you about beauty?

JOELLE: To be honest, working at Allure hasn’t taught me much about beauty! Everyone I work with either has an extensive knowledge of makeup artists, brands, ingredients, formulas, or...knows little to nothing about beauty products! And I think that’s amazing. Everyone I work with has varying degrees of knowledge and that’s how we’re able to produce the type of content we produce. Working at Allure has taught me much more about work ethic and pushing boundaries more than actual “beauty”. All you have to do is approach the right person on one of our many teams with an idea to make something possible and I think that’s incredible. Everyone is willing to try something new, to a degree, all the time, as long as it means we’re saying something valuable to our readers. I think with beauty taking up such a huge space for consumers (content and products) right now, it’s nice to work on a team of people who are interested in taking risks.


TSB: What is your skin type?

JOELLE: Combo/Normal!

TSB: What is your morning routine?

JOELLE: I shower every morning–no questions asked. I shampoo depending on how my hair feels but normally I just do a bit of conditioner on the ends. I wash my face with one pump Glossier Milky Jelly cleanser just to get my nighttime skincare off. I mist with Thayer’s Rose spray toner and let it sit for a minute. I prep my skin for makeup with Too Faced’s Hangover Primer or Glossier Priming Moisturizer. If my skin is dry, I do both.

TSB: What does your night routine look like?

JOELLE: I shower again. I take my makeup off with Milky Jelly and do my second cleanse with a complexion brush and CosRX Low PH Morning Cleanser. I mist with Thayer’s again and then maybe I do a mask. Lately I’m using May Lindstrom’s Honey Mud or Aztec Secret Clay mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar. After, I’ll mist again and do Tata Harper Resurfacing Serum (this is my first bottle and I will likely repurchase for the rest of time!) followed by Skinceuticals C E Ferulic. I moisturize with CosRX Hyaluronic Acid Intense Cream. I change my moisturizer depending on how my skin feels so sometimes I’ll switch to an oil or Weleda Skin Food if I need it. If I am not being lazy, I’ll put on eye cream. I use the Ole Henrikson Banana Bright.


TSB: What are some products you buy over and over again?

Glossier Milky Jelly

CosRX Low PH Cleanser

Nars Soft Matte Concealer

Glossier Stretch Concealer

Glossier Boy Brow

It Cosmetics CC Cream

Chanel lip gloss (all colors!!)

Essence lip liner in In The Nude


Nars Orgasm powder blush

Chanel Le Volume mascara

Everything else, I’m pretty interested in trying something new once in a while, even though I definitely have my staples.

TSB: What is your best beauty advice?

JOELLE: Learn your face and your makeup will always look good. My face is particularly round and, to me, contouring just doesn’t suit it. I always play up my cheeks since they’re pretty prominent on my face and I feel good them them being the focus of my makeup. My eyelids just don’t agree with eyeliner and it’s too much maintenance so I focus on my lashes instead. Little things like that–knowing what works for you–is how you’ll always feel comfortable, too.

TSB: What is your go-to make up look?

JOELLE: The makeup I wear daily: I like to make sure I have a perfect base, blush, highlighter, and a hydrated lip. It sounds simple but it is a lot of steps–minimal in appearance, effortful in approach. This is my daily break down (give or take) in order of application: Cover FX green correcting Click Stick on any prominent (aka 3D) zit, if any (cute!), Glossier Wowder, a few drops of Glossier Skin Tint or lately I’ve actually been *really* into the new It Cosmetics matte CC cream, Nars Soft Matte Concealer (spots), Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Chantilly (just on the high points of my cheekbones, cupids bow, chin, forehead), Glossier Stretch Concealer under my eyes. Blend! Blend! Blend! Glossier Wowder again, Jillian Dempsey cheek tint in Poppy, RMS Living Luminizer, brush my eyebrows with a clean spooly, Glossier Boy Brow, Glossier Lash Slick, Benetint on my lips with Glossier Birthday BDC on top.

Once in a while I’ll swap my highlighting concealer out for something new. I love Tarte Shape Tape in place of that or the new Too Faced Born This Way concealer has been in and out of my routine depending on how my skin looks.


TSB: What is on your beauty wish list?

Violet Grey x Le Labo Santal Candle

A new pack of scrunchies

Davines Love Smoothing shampoo and conditioner

Yves Durif comb

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask

A new set of makeup brushes so I don’t have to wash the 15 sitting on my kitchen sink for a month (yikes!) and the ones I’m currently using in place of them are about due for a cleaning...

The Fenty travel-sized highlight and gloss duo because I love mini things and both are Top 5 Formula of each product to exist, ever.

Chanel Le Rouge Crayon De Coleur Mat

Interview by Stevie Ford & Images via. @joellehyman